School Ranking Analysis

This is in continuation to my previous blog (Are school Rankings biased). In this blog I have analyzed various categories of schools viz. International vs. Non-International, Residential vs. Day cum Boarding vs. Day schools. The source of data is the schools ranking published by Education World in the year 2014.

I processed the raw data on schools scores from Education World. Only the following parameters were retained and overall score was calculated as the average of scores of these parameters.

  • Value for Money
  • Sports
  • ParentsInvolvement
  • IndividualAttention
  • FacultyCompetence
  • AcadsReputation

Analysis reveals the following key points.

  1. Boys schools, Day cum boarding and Residential schools and International schools have scored better overall.
  2. Most schools have good focus on academic front and score well on it. In contrast very few schools have focus on Special Needs education and Life Skills and most schools score below average on them.
  3. Day Coed schools far outnumber schools in any other category. All the international and Day cum Boarding schools are Coed.
  4. Fees of Residential International schools is way higher than any other category. Girls Residential have higher fees while boys residential have lower fees. International schools have higher fees on average.
  5. Non-International Residential schools and Day cum Boarding score provide better value for money. International Day cum Boarding score worst in terms of Value for Money.
  6. Boys schools typically do better in sports and Girls school score good on academic fronts. However Residential Girls schools and Boys Day school score good on both sports and Academic front.
  7. Maximum number of non international Day schools are in Delhi/ NCR. Most number of Residential schools are in Uttarakhand. Maharashtra has maximum number of International schools.
  8. Schools in Himachal Pradesh score very well across all the parameters on evaluation. Interestingly schools in Jharkhand score well on Academic front but score poorly on all other fronts.

Check out the link below and find out how does your state score. The following link shows the distribution of schools across various locations in India.

The graphs and charts below depict the visual analysis summarized above.


Number of schools in various categories


Number of schools Established per year

The chart shows that total number of schools have been increasing ever since India got independence. Most of these schools were day schools. However since 1967 number of Day coed schools have increased rapidly while number of Boys and Girls schools remained steady. International schools are a recent phenomenon starting 2003 as were Day cum Boarding.


Average Fees/ Year across various categories of Schools

Average Fees across various categories shows that  fees of Residential International schools is way higher than any other category. Girls Residential have higher fees while boys residential have lower fees. International schools have higher fees on average.


Scores of various Schools on Sports and Academic front

This chart shows how the various schools are placed with respect to Academics and Sports.

We can see that Boys Day schools and Girls Residential schools lie in the top right quadrant which implies that they score high on both Academic and sports front. We can infer that Girls are more sincere in academics as such. Focus on sports increases if they are in residential schools and they excel in both.

Boys on the other hand do better in sports as such. If however they are in Day schools then due to pressure from parents the focus on academics increases and they do better in academics as well.


How various types of schools score on various parameters

This graph shows how the various types of schools do on certain other parameters. Clearly day cum boarding International schools offer least value for money. Residential schools are better for Special Needs Education.


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